The LGBT Community Speaks Up!

Editor: This was submitted to me by @Chriscoastguy on Twitter. His name is used with consent. These are his words, but they aren’t only his. I’ve spoken with so many people from the LGBT community in the last year that have said the same thing – JY doesn’t represent them. This is what the LGBT […]

Never Have They Ever

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv has made audacious claims of being a model, an activist (lol), and blatantly lied about their career.  But sadly, they’ve not passed some of the milestones their peers have.  I credit this to the neglect by Miriam of her child’s mental disorder.  She effectively ruined Yanivs life.  Let’s review. 1. Never had […]

Bianca Speaks Up! Meow.

Hey JY…Sorry, not sorry! Today, June 12, is JY’s birthday, and we’re here to make sure everyone knows who this creep is. Once again, Yaniv is lurking dating apps, pretending to be a biologically born woman, and being a straight up creep. Editors Note: Turns out JY isn’t the only catfish lurking on the HER […]

Yaniv Spring Roundup

June has started with a bang for JY! In case you missed it, here’s what’s happened in the last couple months. April and May saw Jessica Yaniv joining the rest of Canada’s population in self isolating at the request of various levels of government but while the rest of us were following the government’s orders […]

Need a Nanny? Miriam is Available!

Because she did such a great job raising JY, now she’s here to help you! Check it out for yourself, and then tell us who you think would make a better Nanny in our Meow Mix Poll! Want to speak your mind? Contact the website yourself and feel free to use this letter below. “I […]

Crown Declines Charges Against Amy Hamm!

After months of Yaniv claiming that Amy Hamm was facing criminal charges for voyeurism, this was announced on Twitter today! Meow Mix reached out to Amy for a comment: This is a relief. JY has used the courts, police & HRT—and the privileges afforded to male bodied people via self ID—to harass too many women. […]

Pot, Meet Kettle – JY Says Pedophiles Make Them Sick.

Alleged pedophile Jessica Yaniv, credited with saying a 9-year-old girl can learn about porn and masturbation now because “she’s going to learn one day”, is now commenting that someone that is sexually attracted to teen girls makes them sick. Maybe they’re too old for Yaniv? What’s next? JY complaining about animal abuse? JY complaining about […]

Yaniv’s Cimorelli Obsession Continues

It’s been several years since the Cimorelli family parted ways with JY but this creep just doesn’t get the message. To this very day, Yaniv runs a “fan page” for Lauren Cimorelli. Normally this wouldn’t be noteworthy, but all of the posts are things JY would say, and all of them are written from a […]