Nicole Spoke Up – 150+ Screenshots Posted To MeowTube

Nicole has seen the light – JY is a predator that was grooming her since she was 15 years old. Her friends have been told about JY’s abuse. Her mom has been told. Police have been contacted. And Nicole is telling everything. Yesterday’s article was just the beginning. The screenshots have been pouring in and […]

Nicole Speaks Up!

This one gets deep guys. We have proof that the BCHRT cases were profit-driven and Yaniv was proud of assaulting David Menzies, not to mention being obsessed with a girl at 15 years old. Dig in! Yaniv told everyone that Nicole was their best friend. We saw the picture JY wanted us to see – […]

Meow Mix Review: TrustedNerd Tech Blog

UPDATE: June 30, 2020. Simon Tian contacted me on Twitter and advised that Yaniv was not hired nor paid to do anything for Fonus. At best, Yaniv may be a “highly satisfied customer” that wrote a review. It seems that Jessica Yaniv is trying to re-launch her “tech blog” which means, like any new […]

JY’s Bathroom Filming Habits

A transgender person was recently arrested by Canadian police for filming in the women’s restroom – something Jessica Yaniv is notorious for doing. Whether it be pool parties and change rooms, public washrooms, or discussing bathroom habits, JY is infatuated with private activities in public spaces. Like many other perverts, JY has been spotted in […]

Yaniv Exposes Their “Breasts”. Again

Unsurprisingly, Yaniv the exhibitionist and child groomer, has done it again. Weeks ago was a dick pic. Now? Yaniv goes fully topless. Who knows why they did it. Lord knows nobody wants to see this. Are these the so-called “fully formed female breasts” Yaniv keeps talking about? We don’t post nudity here, but I’m sure […]

JY’s Ironic Fat Shaming Issues

If you needed any further proof that JY is a completely delusional hypocrite, look no further. For what it’s worth, fat shaming people is almost never acceptable. The only reason I think it’s fair game with JY is because JY has an obsession with thin girls, and attacks women that they feel are overweight – […]

JY’s Weekend Romp with Three Teens

Buckle in folks – this one gets deep. Creepy makeup, trashy bikinis, dick pics, and a wannabe Allison Mack a la NXIVM. JY, alleged child groomer, violent racist, and lousy tech guru, was spotted somewhere in the Okanagan area of BC over the weekend visiting with at least one young girl, possibly as many as […]

Sing-A-Long with JY

Need something fun to do this weekend? Why not sing along to your favourite hits, as performed by J. Yaniv?! Start out with the party city wing anthem. The audio is bad, but the dancing his HILARIOUS! Rock out with your wig out! If that doesn’t get you pumped up, check out this awesome Cimorelli […]

JY’s Followers Speak Up!

Meet the teenage girls that JY thinks are their biggest fans. Spoiler: They aren’t. We know JY has paid for 100,000+ followers on Twitter, and it’s been reported that 30K of their followers on Instagram are paid as well. That still leaves a few thousand real accounts. Every time JY posts a picture it receives […]