Yaniv Exposes Their “Breasts”. Again

Unsurprisingly, Yaniv the exhibitionist and child groomer, has done it again. Weeks ago was a dick pic. Now? Yaniv goes fully topless.

Who knows why they did it. Lord knows nobody wants to see this. Are these the so-called “fully formed female breasts” Yaniv keeps talking about?

We don’t post nudity here, but I’m sure you can find it on Kiwifarms if you look.

Sweet dreams, friends.

3 thoughts on “Yaniv Exposes Their “Breasts”. Again

  1. I’ve seen the uncensored photo on Kiwi farms. This reminds me of of the time Yaniv (meat hands) was trolled on Youtube in an exclusive interview by a well known comedian, and when asked about his man-tits he suddenly declared that he was going to do something that he normally wouldn’t do, he was going to go topless for all his Youtube livestream “fans”. The stupid delusional cunt just doesn’t realise that he hasn’t got any fans. He then took his top off, and he seemed quite excited and delighted at his cringeworthy cunt behaviour. What this delusional mental case just cannot get into his ugly, fat fucking head, is that there is not a single solitary person in this world that actually wants to look at his disgusting excuse for tits, let alone suck them, I’d rather suck on a shit flavored icy pole. As it is, after seeing that photo I have booked myself in for intense counselling with my psychologist, as I am having nightmares about them and waking up in a cold sweat, trembling uncontrollably while screaming for my mother. A bit of advice for anybody that wants to have a look- don’t do it to yourself, you’ll never get over it. I would rather look at picture of a pool of fresh vomit, as would be much more pleasant.

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  2. So Yaniv thinks he’s transitioned chemically from being a man nobody wants to have anything to do with to being a woman nobody wants to have anything to do with. Brilliant!

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