JY’s Weekend Romp with Three Teens

Buckle in folks – this one gets deep. Creepy makeup, trashy bikinis, dick pics, and a wannabe Allison Mack a la NXIVM.

JY, alleged child groomer, violent racist, and lousy tech guru, was spotted somewhere in the Okanagan area of BC over the weekend visiting with at least one young girl, possibly as many as 3 or 4.

Quick NXIVM rundown – creepy guy recruits creepy girl (Smallville actress Allison Mack) to recruit other women to participate in elaborate pyramid scheme / sex cult. Google it. A&E did a great special too.

This was substantiated when JY posted a picture this weekend of someone besides themselves – something JY almost never does on Instagram. This person, Nicole D., also lives in the Okanagan area of BC. Coincidence?

It’s believed that Nicole is 19 years old, which slightly improves the situation, but it’s still really weird. What makes it worse is that there’s a girl in the backseat of the car holding up a peace sign. She looks much younger.

This visit was confirmed when Yaniv went live on TikTok this weekend. A few seconds were recorded and sent to me. It’s also a hilarious reminder that JY may possibly have the worst makeup skills on planet Earth.

I wonder what we missed in the rest of that video.

The Instagram post tags three girls – age 18-19 and all located in the Okanagan area of BC. The other two are Alisha and Faith.

Note regarding privacy: These screenshots and videos are all public. These are not private social media posts. I am not friends with any of these people and these posts and comments were all available. JY, tech guru, has clearly not provided any guidance to their young friends on privacy settings. Nicole sometimes goes by Nichole with an H. We found at least 4 Facebook accounts for her. One Facebook name includes “Daddies Little Princess”. Another is “Honeybear”. There’s also at least 4 Instagram accounts.

After seeing that JY has been friends with her since she was 15, and seeing their joint public posts on Facebook (and JY’s creepy comments on her bikini pictures), several people reached out to Nicole to share stories about JY’s victims.

Obviously unaware that she’s been completely groomed and manipulated by a professional predator, Nicole responded rudely, accusing everyone else of making stories up. I’ve seen some of the messages. People sent her very polite, courteous messages and she responded viciously, swearing and threatening people.

Photos and comments like this go back 4 years on Nicole’s Facebook. 29-33 year old creatures like JY should not be comment on 15-19 year old girls in their bras or bikinis. JY has been feeding her compliments in public since he was a clearly male 29 year old and she was just 15 years old. Who knows what was sent in private.

But maybe she isn’t as innocent and unaware as it seems…

Could Nicole be an enabler instead of a victim? The other girls in JY’s Instagram post appear to be friends with Nicole. It’s hard to say but it looks like Nicole is introducing JY to her other young friends. Predator paradise.

JY was obviously introduced to Nicole’s young friend Faith. Nicole has been shown screenshots, videos, and countless articles about JY. She’s clearly choosing to ignore reality. Is she feeding these young girls to the predator?

The pics show JY’s most recent profile picture but the actual comments on some of these pictures are from over a year ago, before Nicole was 18. And asking her to marry them?

The above pictures are before Nicole was 18. I edited out most of Nicole’s body for obvious reasons. Interesting note – Yaniv must have loved her bathroom pictures. Those are JY’s favourites!

Anyone remember when Yaniv was conning people about brain surgery and cancer? Nicole remembers. Too bad she can’t see JY is full of shit.

Pardon the fuzziness here – I had to crop a much larger screenshot. This is JY complaining about someone allegedly sending them dick pics – and of course JY published the persons phone number.

But that’s not the important part. Quick math says Nicole was 17 when this message was posted. She appears to have enough knowledge about the dick pic that she can correct Yaniv on it and describe it. Did Yaniv send Nicole a random persons dick pic? Even worse, now that we’ve all seen Yaniv’s 2 inch egg dick, did Yaniv send their own dick pics to Nicole and then try to pass it off as a joke?

I’m normally all about supporting victims but I can’t tell what’s going on here. Is she completely groomed and has no idea how evil JY is? Does she honestly think that allthe other women with stories about JY are lying and all the screenshots of JY are made up? Literally thousands of pictures of hundreds of videos are faked? Or is she in on the game? Is she the Allison Mack to JY’s NXIVM sex game? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “JY’s Weekend Romp with Three Teens

  1. Dear J,
    Who in the absolute FUCK told you that makeup looked good? Why would you think, for even the briefest of moments, that you looked remotely presentable? WHY would you go out looking like that? Not even on Halloween should anyone be caught dead with makeup looking like that.
    And once again we must address the issue of that fucking hair of yours. Read this 15 times. Wash. Your. Fucking. Hair. Your hair looks like it smells like dirty feet. Even the world’s most physically unattractive person can make themselves look presentable by doing a few simple things. Dress appropriately. (IN CLEAN FUCKING CLOTHES) Practice good hygiene. This means washing your face, washing your hands and cleaning your nails. (stop wearing press on nails to hide the fucking GRIME you’re toting around) Wash your body. This is especially important to people who are overweight. We smell bad faster because of all the…well, let’s be honest, FAT FOLDS! Wash your hair. It’s not that hard to do. It’s not that expensive. And it will not make you beautiful but at least you won’t look like you smell like dirty feet.
    Stop putting young girls in danger. Hanging out with you is dangerous. Especially when you clearly do NOT BELONG hanging out them. Do they realize you are old enough to be their father? (and shut the fuck up about that title. You can NEVER be anyone’s mother so zip your nacho hole with that shit) You are an absolute monster. You are gross. You are dirty. The ONLY way the world will be safe from you is if you’re locked up in either prison or a mental hospital until the day you die. It’s too late to save you. You have made that abundantly clear. You are a danger to anyone and everyone you come into contact with. You are a liar. You are a manipulator. You are a predator. You have NO awareness at all, not even self awareness.
    Get a job. Stop talking to CHILDREN. Grow the absolute fuck up and take care of your mother. But first, for real, go fucking wash that stinky fucking hair. Gross. But at least if you’re locked up, they will FORCE you to be clean.
    I mentioned you’re fucking gross, right? Okay good. Eww.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Also, Dear Little Girls Hanging Out With Numpty,
    Run. Run fast before you’re just another weird smell coming from this monster’s filthy condo.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. When I saw Johnny boys make up I thought he’s finally found a job at a local circus. How can he not have the self realisation to see that he looks fucking ridiculous. If I didn’t know who Yaniv was and I came across him looking like this with his bizarre blue eye shadow and wearing his dead grandmothers clothes I would immediately ring the police and tell them I had come across an escaped mental patient, then I’d run and hide. Remember Johnny Boy, when it comes to make up less is more. Every woman knows that but apparently not you. Finally, whats with the massive gullet hanging down under your jaw? I’ve seen Pelicans with smaller fucking gullets. Lose some weight you disgusting fat pig, maybe 150 pounds and maybe have a shower once a day, your hair looks like an old worn out floor mop.


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